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Lakás eladó - Tampa - Florida

Lakás eladó - Tampa - Florida

72 500 USD


HSZ: X2083527 USA, Florida
Kategória eladó Típus lakás Alapterület 50 m2 Hálószobák 1

Property investment in New Port Richey

Gaining a yearly net yield of 6.91% investing in Florida

This property in New Port Richey is a townhouse of 540 square feet (50,16 square meters) with two bedrooms and a bathroom, already furnished with air conditioning, ceiling fan, washing machine, dryer, oven, microwave oven, kitchen stove, dishwasher and fridge, and complete with garden view and private parking.

This townhouse generates a net income of 5.011,20 dollars per year, with a yield rate of 6.91% on the investment value of 72.500 $, along with Florida’s high real estate quotations, and on top of that the first year of Property Management comes for free.

Why investing today in New Port Richey?

New Port Richey is a centre North of Tampa, on the West coast of Florida, and it offers nature, Ocean and first-class services to its residents. It counts numerous restaurants, clubs and malls, and hosts several cultural festivals and initiatives.

All these amenities, combined with a pleasant climate and the proximity to the strategic centre of Tampa, make it a sought-after and convenient tourist destination, a sound place to make a property investment.

If you are willing to go for a medium term investment, this property is a very good and safe option, in particular taking into account the competitive purchasing conditions we offer compared to the local market average values, and its medium-high international attractiveness.

Investing with us.

We offer to our investors the chance to buy properties with a high and safe yield. These are homes already rented in markets, such as Florida’s, which are registering a constant growth. We offer a complete assistance on the investment: from opening bank accounts to sending documents, from paying condominium fees to paying Property Tax, from Property Management to planimetric survey, virtual tour and aerial footage,  from supervising the renovation works to site inspection, from accountability, fiscal and legal services needed for opening and renovating a company, from looking for a tenant to collecting rents, from advisory services to due diligence and compliance, from the domiciliation to the Registered Agent,  without forgetting the Net Asset Value property analysis.


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Ingatlan adatai

Irányár:72 500 USD
Megye:USA, Florida
Alapterület:50 m2
Hálók száma:1
Fürdőszobák száma:1
Helyiségek Garázs, műhely, melléképület
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